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Arunkumar R, Josephs EB, Williamson RJ, & Wright SI. (2013) Pollen-specific, but not sperm-specific genes show stronger purifying selection and higher rates of positive selection than sporophytic genes in Capsella grandiflora. Mol Biol Evol.

Hough J, Williamson RJ, & Wright SI. (2013) Patterns of selection in plant genomes. Ann Rev Ecol Evol. 

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Gompert Z, Forister M, Fordyce J, Nice C, Williamson R, & Buerkle A. (2010) Bayesian analysis of molecular variance in pyrosequences quantifies population genetic structure across the genome of Lycaeides butterflies. Mol Ecol.

Presentations and Posters

* indicates primary presenter(s)

Williamson RJ*, Josephs EB, Platts AE, & Wright SI. 2013. The extent of positive and negative selection in noncoding regions of the genome of Capsella grandiflora. Poster at SMBE. 

Ågren JA*, Williamson RJ, & Wright SI. 2012. Mating system shifts and transposable element evolution. Presentation at PopGroup 46.

Williamson RJ*, Koenig G, Josephs EB, Hazzouri KM, Weigel D, & Wright SI. 2012. Quantifying the strength of positive and purifying selection across the whole genome of outcrossing and selfing Capsella species. Presentation at the First Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology.

Williamson RJ*. 2012. Quantifying the strength of natural selection in an outcrossing and a selfing plant. Presentation at the Atwood Colloquium in Ecology and Evolution.

Williamson RJ*, Platts AE, Hazzouri KM, Wright SI. 2011. Genome-wide positive and negative selection in Capsella grandiflora. Poster at CSEE.

Williamson R* 2009. An Individual Based Modelling Approach to Studying the Evolution of Mate Choice Strategy. Presentation and Poster at the 2009 ISCB Rocky Mountain Bioninformatics Conference.

Gompert Z, Williamson R*, & Buerkle A. 2009. A Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Implementation of Analysis of Molecular Variance. Presentation at the 2009 Rose-Hulman Interdisicplinary Research Collaborative.

Paine D*, Krisenko M*, Moseng M*, Williamson R*, & Zynda G*. 2009. Tracing the Journey of Each Footstep. Poster at the 2009 Rose-Hulman Interdisicplinary Research Collaborative.

Williamson R* & Lanoo M. 2008. Modeling Salamander Neuromast Sensory Range. Poster at the 2008 Rose-Hulman Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative.

Williamson R*, Campbell B*, Chappell R, & Zynda G. 2008. Schedule Planning System Using a Database. Presentation at the 2008 IN/IL American Society for Engineering Education conference.